Hello Port 45 family and friends!

The summer presses on and so do the recovery events for the 2021 year. For those in early recovery, you may have been hearing announcements in groups or meetings about workshops or area events that are scheduled for the upcoming months.

If you are not familiar with what these events entail, I am glad to educate you.

One of the events that you may hear about is a “speaker jam.” Typically, these are all day (sometimes all weekend) events in which people in recovery share their stories. There will be multiple speakers scheduled throughout the day and is a great way to fellowship with others in recovery.

Next, you might hear about a workshop, these events usually have smaller groups that breakout and discuss specific topics such as step-working or traditions. These events are used to educate someone about different aspects of recovery.

Lastly is area events, which are weekend long retreats organized by the AA and NA groups in a specific area of the state. Here in Southern Ohio our area service committee organizes an event called Friendly Valley.

It’s a weekend long event in which you can camp out or participate on a day-to-day basis. There is fellowship, food, camping, meetings, campfires, and lots of fun. It is a kid-friendly event and at the end of Saturday night there is a sober dance. Our event begins on September 17 and is at Camp OYO on St RT 120 in West Portsmouth.

There are other events coming up that are not associated with 12 step recovery such as the:

  • Recovery Coalition Block Party on August 14th at 401 Court street in Portsmouth.
  • Labor of Love Thrive Fest on August 28th at Spartan Municipal Stadium in Portsmouth.
  • Overdose Awareness Walk on September 11th at Tracey Park in Portsmouth, Ohio.

These events are a great way to meet others in recovery and stay connected. I encourage all to explore the events in your area and I will continue to update you on what I know about.

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