Patient Testimonials

At Port 45 Recovery, we believe that recovery from drug addiction is possible. Reach out to us to learn more about our programs.

People who are on the journey to recovery.

These personal accounts display the challenges and successes associated with recovery from substance use.


“I wanted to tell you that this program is helping to save my life.  Port 45 has provided me with resources that I never had exposure to.  I am glad that everything here is so integrated and that you are present to show us that you care.  It is the first treatment center I have been to where I haven’t felt judged.  So thank you again and keep doing what you are doing.”

5 yellow stars


“I have really enjoyed my time at Port 45.  The staff seems like they really care.  I haven’t been here very long but I so far have learned a lot.  I am pleased to have made the decision to come to Port 45.”

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“I am beyond happy for finding Port 45.  I have had up and down experiences here but in all the workers here make me feel at home and loved.  I definitely think things like the curriculum and groups could improve but it’s a work in process.  I am thankful for this place.”

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“Port 45 is my family and I love this place and wouldn’t go anyplace else.”

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“Although I just got here, I think and feel this is a great place for me to be with my continued recovery.  Coming to groups every day, having somewhere positive to go every day is preparing me to be able to work again.  Thank you so much Port 45 and Staff.”

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“I am grateful for Port 45!  Because of Port 45, I am 9 months clean and I have all these people for support.  Even the owner of Port 45 is involved in the client’s recovery.  The care and respect everyone gets here are so natural.  I plan to be coming here for years to come.  This is so many people’s home away from home and for many, it is the only support they get.  Port 45 are like family.”

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“Dealing with addiction is a challenge. But the caring staff at Port 45 Recovery made it easier. Thank you!!”

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“This is the only drug rehab facility that I have been a part of that has had the actual owner of the facility involved with the recovery of the patient.  I think it is very impressive and I think the majority of all the other clients feel the same way I do.”

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“The BEST program in town, hands down.  I didn’t think recovery was possible until I walked through these doors.  Super caring counselors and the best case worker in the world may it worth your time.”

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“Port 45 is saving my life as well as getting my life together and restarted.  The program has far exceeded my expectations.  My life is better than it has been in years since I started the program.”

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“Thank you Port 45 for giving me another chance to recovery.  Port 45 and the staff here have been very helpful on a personal level.  I felt a sense of ease the first day I walked into Port 45.  Thank you for providing a healthy atmosphere for me to better my life.”

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“Port 45 Recovery treats us like family, and they truly care with their whole heart.  I have made some great friends and I have learned from everyone here.  It is a key point to my sobriety.”

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“Port 45 is a very special place.  I have been to other rehab centers in the past and none has had the effect that Port 45 has.  The counselors truly care about me and my recovery.  The owner is the most humble person you will meet.  This is the longest I have been sober in 20 years since coming here.  I think that says it all.”

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“This place is amazing and will always have a special place in my heart.  There is so much love in this place.  I wouldn’t have come to this particular place after getting out if it wasn’t for the staff here.  Thank you for accepting me back with open arms.”

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We believe in the power of healing.